Monday, February 15, 2010

Dewey learned how to crawl today!!

I come home from the doctor's office and Dewey is crawling all around the floor. It's so incredibly cute. I'll post pictures.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice Cream

I let Dewey have some of ice cream tonight. He had a love/hate relationship with it at first. He loved the taste but hated that it was so cold. After he got over the shock of the temperature, though, it was all love. I love the little smirk on his face in the picture with his messy face. I can only imagine what was going through his little head. The big kids got ice cream too, but they didn't make quite as big of a mess.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Play

At Gma's house, all the kids acted out the nativity. It was very cute. Wee One got to be Mary, Bo was a shepherd, and Dewey was the honorary Baby Jesus (he sat in the audience with us). Gma and Gpa helped the kids tell the story and "herded the shepherds and wisemen" around. When we told the kids to go get their costumes on, Bo was very upset that he couldn't be a pirate, but he got over it quickly enough.


We took the kids sledding today since it snowed all night. Dewey wasn't too excited about it, he took a nap, but Bo and Wee One had a blast. Daddy had to pull them most of the way down the hill for them to really get going, but they had fun. We played for about an hour and then headed home for grilled cheese sandwiches!! I think we'll need a better sled before we go again. There were some pretty cool ones at the hill today. Wee One wanted to try something she saw at the hill, but mom and dad said "no". There were a few people who would have their dogs pull them down the hill. It looked a little dangerous to me.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mass Blogging.....Again!!

In a somewhat random order, here are the things that have been happening lately, and the pictures to prove it. (Note of interest: I took an Ambien about 30 minutes ago, so this should be great fun for all!!)

Dewey is the cutest baby in the whole world. He hates sleeping at night, so he will catnap throughout the day to build up his strength to stay awake all night. I mean, someone has got to keep mom up all night. It's a tough job, but he's very good at it. He was facinated by Christmas. Not so much the presents and stuff, but he loved the wrapping paper and lights. And apparently, some rum pudding so generously fed to him from an unnamed family member. Thanks for that, by the way. Here he is getting ready to throw a tantrum.

I gave him a Christmas ornament, and all was well. He is sitting by himself now, mostly. He has had several crashes that bring me running from the other room, but for the most part, he can do it all by "hims big boy".

Santa wasn't too much of an issue for him. He saw Santa twice this year and both times, he just sorta took it in stride. I guess he figures, "hey, at least someone is holding me, what else could a guy ask for?"

As you can see, Wee One and Bo decorated the tree this year. I was being a scrooge and didn't want to even do Christmas. We left all other decorations in their boxes, but we put up the tree. I think they did a great job. Daddy helped them with the ones on top, but they did most of it themselves. It's nice having kiddos big enough to do stuff like that. They are sweethearts.

Dewey's new favorite pasttime is lying on my bed watching Baby Einstein movies. They mezmorize him. Sometimes that is the only thing I can do to get him calmed down. He has been quite the fussy bug lately, so it's nice to get in a half an hour with him being calm!!!

This is Wee One's famous, "no one else wears fabric to school" outfit. I made her this outfit (which I think is so adorable on her) and she didn't want to wear it to school because, "Mom, no one else wears fabric to school." I said, "So do they all go naked? Cuz I'm not letting you go to school naked." I won that battle and she ended up wearing it to school where she got several comments on how cute her clothes were.

Halloween this year found us in the Hundred Acre Wood. Wee One dressed like Tigger, Bo was Pooh Bear, and Dewey was Piglet. They looked so cute!! Next year I'll have to come up with another trio of characters for them to dress like.

Wee One had a parade at school while she was dressed as Tigger. And, boy, did she play the part well. She Tigger Hopped around the entire school. Afterwards, she kept saying, "Mom, everyone thought I was so cute. They would say, 'Tigger, come give me five.' They really liked me." No self esteem issues there as you can see.

Bo and Daddy needed to clean out the chimney before we could get a fire going. Bo thought he was the coolest little guy ever being able to get on the roof with Daddy. He did a great job and didn't even cry when it was time to get down.

Wee One had a field trip with her class to a pumpkin patch. I got to tag along ; ) It was very cute to see the kids run from place to place. She seems like she knows just what she's doing whenever she is with other kids. She is quite the silly girl.

Dewey is growing up so fast I can't hardly keep up with him. He is already holding his own bottle and feeding himself biter biscuits. Next he'll be driving and going off to college. It's all down hill from here!! He still loves his mommy very much and snuggles with me most nights. (Fine, every night he sleeps in my bed with me. WHATEVER, get over it.)

Bo turned 4 a few months back. This was his "candy cake" and he loved it. I can't believe he is 4 already. Didn't I just give birth to him, like, yesterday? Yikes!! And look at that beauty next to him. She will be six in February. Six is like, old!! I was just six not too long ago I think.

Anyway, things have been going good. Everyone is happy and healthy and hanging in there. We still talk about Charlie and Chelsie quite often, and it helps heal those wounds that still seem so fresh. I think Dewey actually talks to them, once in awhile too, but he won't tell us what they said. Life is funny sometimes. I would give anything to hold my babies even for just one more minute, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to lose what I have learned because of them. To say I am a different person is putting it very lightly. I am excited and nervous to see what Heavenly Father has in store for my family. Whatever it is, we'll be ready......or at least, He'll make us ready and we'll be willing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thursday will be Charlie's Angelversary. I can't believe it has been 2 years since I held her and Chelsie in my arms. I can still feel their warm skin under my lips. I can feel the pressure on my finger as Charlie would squeeze it. My heart breaks each time I think of all the things I missed out on with them. I miss them so much. I know I will see them again someday, but it seems like forever. What special children I have, though. I am very lucky to be their mommy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Life is Moving Quickly

It seems like I have very little time to blog lately, so this is going to be a plethora of information in one post 8 )

Dewey is growing so fast. He is learning to smile at us when we talk to him, and I love it. It makes all that hard work of keeping him happy all worth it. He is such a good baby, and he sleeps so well at night (probably because I hold him all night. DON'T JUDGE ME).

Wee One and Bo love Dewey so much!! They are very good with him and love to help Mommy with little things like bottle feedings, diaper changes, and baths. It is so fun to see them all play together. Wee One and Bo get so excited everytime Dewey smiles at them.

Of course Daddy has to get his Dewey time in too. They like to take naps together. Dewey always seems so comfy in Daddy's arms. He prefers Mommy, but Daddy will do in a pinch.

We had a ward campout this weekend, and we did some pioneer activities. Here they are doing a three legged race and the stick pull. Wee One also did a potato sack race, but Bo ididn't want anything to do with it. Daddy did all of the cooking for the whole ward, and it turned out awesome. He is a great cook. I'm lucky to have a husband who finds pride in taking care of me so well. I don't even have to cook dinner--he does it.

Dewey was blessed yesterday. I made his tuxedo way before he was even born. I think he looked so precious, though. And he was such a good boy. He didn't even cry while Daddy was blessing him. Then we had the family come over to our house for milk and cookies. It was such a special day. I'm so glad that so much of our family was able to be there and share it with us.